Bipartisanship needed?

By Joe Frandino

The private insurance industry and its spokespeople in Congress are making the argument that for healthcare reform to last and have the support of the American people, Congress must pass a “bipartisan” reform plan.

But as :

Of course you never heard a word about “bi-partisanship” from the insurance industry or Republicans when they passed the notorious “Medicare Part D” prescription drug plan in 2003. Back then, they froze Democrats out of all negotiations, and passed the bill …

Now that the political tide has turned … the Republicans and insurance companies have had an eleventh-hour conversion to the benefits of “bipartisanship” when it comes to health care reform.

According to Creamer, in order for the American people to support this reform, they care more about results than bi-partisanship.

More than bipartisanship, the American people want to make sure that:

* Something gets passed.
* It provides health care for everyone.
* It puts the brakes on skyrocketing health care costs.

The best way to produce these results is to create a public health insurance option that would compete with private insurance companies. The resulting competition would keep private insurance providers honest and seek more cost-effective and efficient healthcare for everyone in America.


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